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Common Causes of Car Accidents in Oklahoma City

Car accidents happen every day in Oklahoma City. While many of these accidents are minor and do not result in significant injuries, some cause severe trauma and long-term disability.

Most car accidents are caused by human error and therefore, are largely preventable. When that is the case, those hurt can hold at-fault drivers liable for their negligent behavior. A seasoned car wreck lawyer could help injured individuals recover damages. Below are the most common causes of car accidents in OklahomaCity and throughout the country.

How Driver Negligence Causes Accidents

Most car accidents are the fault of one of the driver’s involved. Establishing fault is accordingly one of the most important aspects of a successful car accident claim. Still, fault could exist in any number of forms, including distraction, intoxication, or a violation of traffic law.

Distracted Driving

For the past decade, distracted driving has been the leading cause of car accidents. Many people think distracted driving only refers to texting or holding a cell phone while driving. Eating, reading, grooming, applying makeup, and even talking are all behaviors that could be considered distracted driving if they take your eyes, or your mind, off the road.

Drunk Driving

Even with all the awareness today about the dangers of drunk driving, too many people are still engaging in this type of behavior. According to the CDC, drunk driving kills 29 people every day, nationwide. If you have had anything to drink, remember it is always better to take public transportation, a taxi, or call a friend.


Speeding may not seem like extremely dangerous behavior, but it is. Not only does speeding commonly cause accidents, but it can also contribute to the severity of q collision. All drivers should remain within the legal speed limit at all times to keep everyone safe on the roads.

Reckless Driving

Speeding is one form of reckless driving, but there are many others as well. Changing lanes too quickly, following other drivers too closely and acting aggressively are all forms of reckless driving that can easily cause an accident.

Failure to Follow Traffic Signs and Signals

Traffic signs and signals are there for a reason; they help direct the flow of traffic at intersections and keep everyone safe. When drivers fail to yield properly, run red lights, or otherwise disobey traffic signs and signals, serious accidents could result.

Car Defects

Car accidents are not always the fault of a driver involved. When there are problems or defects with a vehicle, it can cause very serious accidents. Drivers should always keep up to date on the most recent recalls and ensure their car receives regular maintenance so that manufacturing problems can be detected early.

Road Conditions

Another common cause of car accidents in Oklahoma City that does not involve driver negligence is the condition of the road. When roads have not been properly maintained, obstacles such as large potholes and other dangers can form. When these defects cause an accident, those injured may be able to hold government entities responsible.

Been in a Car Accident? Speak to an Oklahoma City Car Accident Lawyer Today

If you have been hurt in a car accident due to someone else’s negligence, you could be entitled to compensation for the cost of your injuries and other losses. Contact a car accident attorney today for an evaluation of your case and to begin the process of filing a claim. A lawyer will likely have experience with the common causes of car accidents in Oklahoma City and could explain the best way to begin your case.