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Oklahoma City Drunk Driving Accidents Lawyer

If another party caused an accident while under the influence of alcohol, you could be the one suffering the consequences in the form of serious expenses and injuries. Many people assume that proving fault in a drunk driving lawsuit is relatively simple, but the burden of proof in any car accident claim falls on the plaintiff and can be challenging to fulfill.

An Oklahoma City drunk driving accident lawyer could assist you with gathering evidence to demonstrate the other driver’s negligence after a collision. Criminal charges for DUI only address the driver’s violation of existing criminal laws; a civil injury case could be the only chance for an injured driver to recover compensation.

Contributory Negligence

Each state follows specific laws regarding the attribution of partial fault in a vehicle accident. Oklahoma follows what is known as a modified comparative fault version of contributory negligence.

If a plaintiff is found to be partially responsible for causing an accident, that person can only recover damages if they have a percentage of fault of 50 percent or less. If a driver is less than 50 percent at fault but still partially responsible, an injured driver’s damages will be reduced in proportion with the degree that they were allegedly at fault in the accident. For example, if a jury finds a plaintiff to be 20 percent responsible for an accident, their awarded compensation may be reduced by one-fifth of its full value.

Statute of Limitations

Per Oklahoma Statutes 12 § 95(3), there is a time limit of two years from the date of an accident for potential plaintiffs to file a personal injury claim. Waiting too long to get legal help could prevent a complainant from recovering any funds in a legal claim, regardless of the strength of the evidence supporting that victim’s claim.

Possible Compensatory Damages for Drunk Driving Accidents

Motor vehicle crashes lead to a variety of monetary expenses, for which an injured driver may be entitled to compensation. Beyond the cost of replacing or repairing a vehicle, expenses may include medical costs, hospital bills, lost future income, lost wages, and some household expenses.

The primary purpose of the damage award is to reimburse the injured driver for the money that they lost as a result of the accident. The court has the discretion to determine the amount of compensation to award for these damages, and working with a drunk driving accidents lawyer in Oklahoma City could help with demonstrating the severity of the injuries and economic damages to a jury or judge.

When to Contact an Oklahoma City Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

Life after a serious accident with a drunk driver can be overwhelming. Trying to attend to all of your medical appointments while missing time at work and dealing with the stress of filing an injury claim may at times be too much to bear.

An Oklahoma City drunk driving accidents lawyer could assist you with moving your legal claim forward and answering any of your questions so that you know what to expect. Contact an attorney today to get started.