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Oklahoma City Highway Accident Lawyer

Multi-lane highways are a central part of the transportation system in Oklahoma City. Unfortunately, due to their high speeds and frequent traffic, highways are also frequently the setting of serious car accidents.

If you were recently involved in a highway collision, a civil claim could be your only opportunity to recover compensation for your injuries. If another party was negligent or otherwise responsible for the accident, you deserve to have your claim represented by a knowledgeable Oklahoma City highway accident lawyer.

Bringing A Legal Claim for Highway Accidents

The first step that an injured driver or passenger should take after an accident on the highway is to file a car insurance claim. Claims should be filed promptly so as not to miss insurance carrier deadlines. In many cases, however, the insurance settlement offer might not cover all of the damages. Highway accidents, in particular, often lead to significant personal injury, the costs of which may exceed the typical insurance policy limit.

As a result, many personal injury claims are resolved outside of court in settlement negotiations with the insurance company. An experienced attorney could represent an injured driver during settlement negotiations to push insurance companies for complete compensation.

Statute of Limitations

Most personal injury lawsuits associated with a car accident must be filed within two years of the date of the accident, per Oklahoma Statutes Section 12-95. Any claim filed after the two-year window stands the risk of being dismissed by a judge.

How A No-Fault State Treats Victims

Drivers in an at-fault state, like Oklahoma, carry financial responsibility for the injuries and damages that they cause in an accident. All drivers are required to carry a minimum amount of insurance in Oklahoma in the event of a vehicle accident.

Sometimes, however, the benefits associated with insurance policy payment are not sufficient to cover a victim’s injuries, in which case a victim could step outside of the insurance process to attempt to recover additional compensation. A car accident attorney in Oklahoma City could work to pursue recompense from a driver or insurance company through litigation.

Comparative Negligence

Oklahoma is what is known as a modified comparative negligence state, which means that a plaintiff can potentially still recover compensation even if they were partially at fault for the accident in question. Any damages owed, however, will be reduced by the victim’s assigned share of negligence. If a victim is allegedly responsible for 20 percent of the accident, for example, the victim’s share of damage recovery would be reduced by 20 percent. A plaintiff who is more than 50 percent responsible for an accident may be barred from recovering compensation in any form.

Find an Oklahoma City Highway Accidents Attorney

It can be difficult to keep track of life’s details following a serious car accident. Hiring an Oklahoma City highway accidents lawyer could help lighten the load of a legal case and allow you to focus on your physical recovery.

Speaking with a personal injury attorney could help you organize the evidence in your case and discuss challenges or obstacles that could negatively affect your compensation.