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Oklahoma City Hit and Run Accident Lawyer

Being struck in an accident is traumatic enough, but when the other party leaves the scene of the incident, you may be forced to cope with the extent of your damages and injuries on your own.

Even if the driver is found, the criminal charges for leaving the scene of the crash are handled separately from any civil claims over damages and injuries. A personal injury attorney could explain the process of bringing a civil lawsuit, as well as the evidence you should gather in advance. An Oklahoma City hit and run accident lawyer could help you move forward with a legal claim.

Finding an At-Fault Driver

An injured victim could turn to their own insurance company for benefits, but when serious injuries have occurred, the cost could be greater than what the insurance company offers.

One of the biggest challenges in a hit and run case is determining who is responsible. An investigation of the accident scene, such as reviewing video evidence or talking to witnesses, could help determine who fled the scene. The help of a personal injury lawyer could be instrumental in identifying this other party.

Damage Types in Hit and Run Accidents

There are two types of damages that could be considered in a vehicle accident, economic non-economic. Common economic damages include lost wages, medical expenses, and car repairs. Non-economic damages are more abstract since they relate to items such as the loss of spousal companionship or emotional distress. Economic damages refer to the specific and direct costs that a victim has incurred due to the result of their injury or damage to property.

Oklahoma does not currently have a cap on economic damages from bodily injury. When catastrophic injuries have occurred, the damages in a legal case could be substantial. Looking at a long road of going to doctor’s appointments and receiving medical treatment could also lead to further financial losses if the injured driver cannot go back to work after a hit and run crash.

Statute of Limitations

It is important for any victim to realize that filing a lawsuit requires adherence to the statute of limitations, the period within which a plaintiff must file a legal claim. Oklahoma Statutes 12 § 95 dictates that plaintiffs have two years from the date of an accident to file a personal injury claim.

Services Provided by An Oklahoma City Hit and Run Accident Attorney

Throughout the duration of your case, an Oklahoma City hit and run accident lawyer may play several important roles. The process may begin with an evaluation of your evidence and eligibility for filing a legal claim, explaining the legal process, representing your interest in settlement negotiations, and preparing for hearings in court.

Since each case is unique, a dedicated personal injury lawyer could provide a better sense of what is involved in filing a civil lawsuit. In a hit and run case, an attorney could also assist deposing witnesses in the area and analyzing video recordings to identify the other driver involved.