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Oklahoma City Rear End Collisions Lawyer

Being involved in a rear-end accident can disastrous consequences. Individuals could sustain serious physical injuries, emotional distress as well as financial hardships. It can be challenging handling insurance companies and settlement negotiations alone. No one should have to figure out how to file a legal claim on their own, especially if the insurance company has denied your claim.

If you or a loved one were injured in an automobile crash, an Oklahoma City rear-end collisions lawyer could help you seek compensation. Speak to an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss the specifics of your case and to figure out what is involved in protecting your rights in a legal claim.

Understanding Negligence Following a Crash

In order to recover compensation, the plaintiff’s Oklahoma City rear-end collisions lawyer must prove that the defendant’s negligence caused the accident. The amount of money that a victim could recover from an at-fault driver is impacted by whether or not the victim was also partially at fault for the accident.

The State of Oklahoma follows the rules of modified comparative negligence to determine liability. If the plaintiff is 50 percent or less at fault for an accident, they may be eligible to recover compensation. The injured claimant’s recoverable damages will be reduced based on the victim’s assigned portion of fault. If the jury or judge determines that the injured claimant was greater than 50 percent at fault for the accident, they may not be eligible to recover compensation. An experienced attorney could fight against claims of shared negligence.

Common Type of Injuries

Many victims might not realize the full scope of their injuries until weeks or months after the crash. Some of the most serious injuries cannot be spotted at the scene or without advanced diagnostic tools. An individual could sustain an injury such as:

  • Head trauma
  • Broken bones
  • Loss of limb
  • Neck and spinal damage
  • Organ damage

State laws recognize that a victim might need time to understand the depth of their injuries and to make the decision about filing an injury claim. Most victims will attempt to work with the insurance companies first before deciding to go with litigation when settlement talks are unsuccessful.

Deadline to File A Lawsuit

According to Oklahoma Statutes Section 12-95, victims need to file their personal injury claim within two years of their accident or the discovery of their injuries. A victim should not wait too long to talk to an attorney about the possibility of bringing a lawsuit. Many personal injury claims are resolved outside of court during settlement negotiations. Hiring a rear-end collisions lawyer in Oklahoma City alone could help ensure that the personal injury lawsuit and supporting documentation are filed promptly.

Consult with an Oklahoma City Rear End Collisions Attorney

After an accident, individuals will need time to heal physically and emotionally. Time off of work could cause a financial burden on an individual and their family. Individuals may have difficulty filing a legal claim or dealing with insurance companies on their own. It is best to speak with an Oklahoma City rear-end collisions lawyer to help you with your case.

Seeking help from a knowledgeable attorney who has helped other victims like you could give you some peace of mind about pursuing an injury claim. Call today to get started.